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United States Inter-collegiate Boxing Association's mission is to be the preeminent competitive intercollegiate amateur boxing league in the United States. By re-introducing boxing back into the college and university system, USIBA seeks to reestablish boxing as an ethical, important, and relevant collegiate sport while increasing the overall competitiveness of the entire amateur boxing system in the United States. USIBA will develop programs, raise funds, and recast the narrative surrounding the sport of boxing by using the sport as a pathway to educational and life success. The following colleges/universities have boxing programs:

College Scholarships

Team sports are great but  in boxing, you’re responsible for your personal success. This sense of accountability helps kids develop the following personal attributes: 

Self-confidence: Boxing tests your physical and mental limitations. You develop a sense of self-assurance as you overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable.

Work ethic: It takes discipline to train. Most successful individuals make sacrifices to reach their goals, and boxing calls for these characteristics more than any other sport. 

Sportsmanship: Competitive boxers tend to respect one another immensely due to the demanding requirements of the sport. It’s not uncommon for boxers to embrace following a hard-fought bout.  Those who make the effort deserve respect from fellow competitors as well as fellow boxers in one’s own gym.

Self-defense: You build self-confidence as you learn how to defend yourself. Not all athletes want to enter the competitive aspect of the sport, which is fine. Anyone who puts time and effort in the gym, though, learns the necessary skills to stay safe in hand-to-hand combat. 

​Get in Shape! No matter your results in the ring, boxing provides a workout that is second to none. Fitness boxing has become one of the most popular ways to get in shape in recent years. It improves coordination, reflexes, and aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. It tones and strengthens the muscles throughout your entire body.

1060 S Chester Ave Unit 5  Delran, NJ 08075

OFFICE: 856-393-8370            CELL: COACH ANTHONY 856-425-1110              EMAIL: ITSONBOXINGMMA@YAHOO.COM

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